If you are an MSO

Cable companies have a history of innovation. You’re not afraid to take chances.

Cable’s home has traditionally been TV, but it is now seen as a leader in broadband.  The same is becoming true for IP video as cableco’s embrace the growth in devices and distribution methods as opportunities, and not threats. Opportunities to build new services for loyal customers, and reach out to an entirely new base that hasn’t yet learned the value of whole-home services from dependable brands.

In a recent interview, Stuart Sikes, President of Parks Associates, put it this way:

[Cable’s evolution means] …that cable is now in a great position to offer richer TV everywhere experiences — pushing the full TV experience to all devices while providing deeper OTT content integrated into its programming offerings.  By providing a superior “home screen” experience, cable can combat cord cutting and shaving.  In the end, if consumers receive a smooth, seamless experience to a robust set of content which is offered under a variety of pricing scenarios, then they have fewer reasons to shop for alternatives.

To come out ahead, Cable will provide the quality of service consumers have come to expect, at an appealing price, and on the device of their choosing.

Spectrum can help deliver on this promise:

  • Build a state-of-the-art “customer aware” network, that is scalable to meet the demands of new devices and new business models
  • Avoid costly encoding and storage costs by delivering content in real time
  • Shift to Multiscreen 2.0 by introducing control over ABR delivery – from quality control to targeted ad insertion

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