The Consumer is in Charge. What Now?

With every new device on the market and each app downloaded, the consumer has been given more and more choice. They dictate where they would like to consume the video, on what device, over what network and on what application.

To meet the demands of the content-hungry masses, Netflix and others chose adaptive bit-rate (ABR) video, and enlisted every major CDN and cloud services company to house the 40+ file formats necessary to deliver video to a sea of new devices.

At the centerpiece of this delivery model is an intelligent client application. Netflix hand-coded dozens of apps in hundreds of environments, and has to manage and maintain weekly updates so that they can deliver a consistent experience, collect data, and interface with back office systems.

Network Operators need solutions that will help them regain control.

Control over the session = control over the consumer experience.

Network operators need solutions that will let them deliver quality to any device, while lowering management and operational costs, and helping them differentiate against disruptive OTT market entrants.

Spectrum’s unique approach gives providers control over each individual session, and hence, puts control back in the network.

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