Session Delivery Control

SeaWell set out to improve the way operators control, monetize and scale their IP video offerings, to meet the growing subscriber demands for video delivered to smartphones, tablets and game consoles.

The result – Spectrum – is what we call a “Multiscreen 2.0” Session Delivery Controller.

Spectrum is high-performance, carrier-grade software that takes ABR video and repackages it – on-the-fly – into any other protocol, including Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH.

The diagram below depicts how Spectrum leverages its vantage point at the network edge, working in conjunction with caching services to create and control each stream to the user. Spectrum leverages existing back office systems such as subscriber management, security and policy infrastructures to deliver personalized, targeted content.


Delivery to ANY Format or Device

Spectrum is the only product that is able to repackage one ABR format into any other on the fly AND enable per session control. Operators are now able to save on encoders and bandwidth, as content and ads can be stored in any single format and delivered to any device in the flavor desired (e.g. Apple HLS, Microsoft SS, Adobe HDS, MPEG-DASH). Read more…

User Session & Policy Management

Through a unique combination of manifest manipulation and dynamic repackaging, Spectrum exercises granular control over each individual video session. It then interfaces with back-office systems to monitor and enforce policies across the network or to individual devices. Most importantly, Spectrum monitors the ongoing session, delivering analytics to the service provider that can be acted upon in real time. Read more…

Live & On Demand Targeted Ad Insertion

Spectrum monitors the stream for ad markers and feeds client information back to the ADM to make targeted ad decisions based on real-time user / device information. Furthermore, Spectrum’s unique method of stitching content into the stream makes for a seamless, TV-like experience to help raise ad completion rates and improve the user experience. Spectrum can also integrate with content and blackout management systems to implement highly scalable blackout scheduling. Read more…

Real-time QoE Optimization

Real-time QoE Optimization

In addition to changing into different protocols, Spectrum has the ability to change the fragment duration while repackaging content. This enables content to be optimized for delivery to different networks that may require larger fragment sizes to compensate for lagginess (such as 3G networks). Read more…

Per Session Security & Encryption

Unlike current systems, Spectrum encrypts each stream (vs. each video) dynamically, ensuring that each user is getting unique keys. This is done on-the-fly, thus eliminating the need to multi-encrypt – and store – every video file prior to delivery. Furthermore, with each stream being dealt with individually, entitlement becomes enforceable. Read more…